Why home makeovers need extra storage?

The festive season is not far and majority of us have spent the needed time at home during lockdown. Some of us simply had time to appreciate our homes, while the other half have realised there is so much potential for the spaces in our homes to be redesigned. The...

Supplies you will need for storing your belongings

So, you have booked your storage unit, but now you are wondering what supplies you need to perfectly pack and store away your belongings. Infinity Storage has everything that you might need to ensure your packing and storing process goes as smoothly as it possibly...

Best self-storage solutions in Pretoria

Are you one of those individuals who has organised and repacked their entire home during the lockdown period? Have you accumulated tons of boxes that you need to store, or have you sorted through everything from your bedroom to your kitchen, but you don’t have any...

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