Are you one of those individuals who has organised and repacked their entire home during the lockdown period? Have you accumulated tons of boxes that you need to store, or have you sorted through everything from your bedroom to your kitchen, but you don’t have any place to put your things? Are you working from home and have no need for some of your office equipment at the moment? Don’t fret, Infinity Storage has everything to make all your storage stress disappear.

Boxes in all shapes and sizes

If you have already gone through your entire house and have identified items that need to be stored, but you have not been able to get your hands on boxes, then I have great news for you! We stock boxes of all shapes and sizes at our office conveniently located in Pretoria North.

Whether you need boxes to house your extensive CD or DVD collection, or to archive old files and paperwork from working from home or whether you’re getting ready to pack away your summer wardrobe to make space for your winter essentials, we have the perfect box for you. We also have all other supplies that you might need to ensure that your boxing process goes smoothly, including markers, boxing tape, scissors, and various sizes of bubble wrap.

A variety of storage units

If you have already reorganised your entire home and are now looking for a safe place to store all your belongings, then we have a variety of storage units ready at our storage-facility in Pretoria North. From small units, ideal for housing some small boxes and small appliances that you do not use daily, to larger units big enough to fit the contents of your entire home. We also have other options including medium units, half-garage and single garage units as well as extra large units.

No matter how big or how small your storage needs are we have a solution for you. To check out all our different units please visit our storage unit sizes page.

Why store your items with us?

You might be wondering why you should choose Infinity Storage to store your most valuable belongings, but here at Infinity we love your stuff just as much as you do, and the safety of you and your items is of utmost importance to us. We have the following safety measures in place to make you feel safe and secure:

  • Strict access control: Only registered users can access the storage unit via a dedicated access tag and only during dedicated access hours.
  • 24-hour on site security: Our facility is guarded, monitored and protected by on-site security guards 24/7. Includes 24-hour CCTV surveillance, with perimeter monitoring.
  • Electrified perimeter fencing: Our entire perimeter wall and fencing is protected by an electrified perimeter fencing. The electric fencing can also detect any attempted access and will set off an alarm and notify the security company.

For a facility in Pretoria North that offers affordable, secure space for just about any item, why not contact us! For more information or for a quote on one of our units, please fill in online contact form here.


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