As we are all adjusting to working from home and have more time on our hands, now might be the perfect time to tackle your much-neglected closet. Since the seasons have also officially changed from summer to autumn/winter, the chilly weather might prompt you to finally get those sweaters out of storage, organise your closet and pack away everything you won’t need for a couple of months.

In the blog post below, we have compiled some tips on how to organise and declutter your closet, as well as preparing your clothes for the self-storage process.

Organise and clean your closet

The first step to organisation is to completely empty your closet, make sure you remove everything from all the shelves, drawers, rods, and floor space. With your closet completely empty for the first time in a long time you can give your actual closet a good clean. Wipe down drawers and rods, remove all dust and dirt and place some scented lining paper in your drawers to keep your clothes safe and smelling fresh for a very long time.


Next comes the decluttering to free up some space. Start off by categorising all the items you have removed from the closet, place all your jeans in one pile, shirts in another and so forth until all your clothes have been categorised. This is the perfect opportunity to determine what items you can donate, throw away or sell (a good measure is to get rid of any clothing that you haven’t worn in the last year) and it can also help you choose clothing that can be placed in self-storage until the next season rolls around again.

Prepare your clothing for self-storage

Now that you have chosen all the seasonal items that you want to store until the next season, it is time to prepare your clothing for self-storage. Wash all clothing before storing and be sure to get rid of any stains. Any leftover stains will only worsen and darken over time and will be harder to get rid of if stored with the stains intact. Cleaning clothes will also deter insects such as moths to nest inside your clothing.

Pack all these items in labelled boxes. If you are folding items, normal boxes will do, but if you want to hang some items and keep them pristine during the storage process we would recommend you invest in some wardrobe boxes together with a wardrobe hanger.  Now that they have been prepared for storage you can pick out the perfect storage space in which to house them.

Pack away all remaining clothes

Since your closet is completely clean and all your clutter is sorted it is time to return everything to your closet. Another top tip is to place items you frequently wear at eye level, this will save you time later when you don’t have to fish around for all your favourite pieces. You can also organise things by colour or season to make your closet even more efficient.

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