At Infinity Storage, we love your stuff just as much as you do, and the safety of you and your items is of upmost importance to us.

To safeguard your precious items, we have implemented the following security features:

Strict access control

Only registered users are allowed access to our facility and units through computer controlled access via a dedicated access tag. Proof of identity, and a photograph will also be taken of each client upon signing up, with new visitors being accompanied at all times. No after-hours access is permitted.

24-hour security guards

Our facility is guarded, monitored and protected by on-site security guards 24/7. Includes 24-hour CCTV surveillance, with perimeter monitoring and padlock checks daily.

Electrified perimeter fencing

Our entire perimeter wall and fencing is protected by an electrified perimeter fencing which creates a very powerful and psychological barrier to overcome. As well as preventing access, the electric fence can also detect attempted access therby setting off alarms and notifying security.


Units are locked with your own padlock, and no keys are retained on site.

Daily Checks

Locks on each unit are checked daily


Ample lighting throughout our facility for easy surveillance.

Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers throughout our facility.

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