The festive season is not far and majority of us have spent the needed time at home during lockdown. Some of us simply had time to appreciate our homes, while the other half have realised there is so much potential for the spaces in our homes to be redesigned. The decision to improve your living space, creates more excitement than any other emotion.

So, what is the first thing you get ready for a home renovation? I would say the materials which you will need. These materials can vary depending on the extent of the renovation, it could be new; tiles, cement bags, sinks, cupboards, blinds etc, you get the point… However, have you thought about where you will store all your new materials? or save the unwanted equipment or materials which can be resold?

Sometimes a contractor can run over time with another project which might leave you waiting, and now that you have bought all your renovation materials, where do you store them? If they are taking up space in a room at home, it can not only become a hazard, but it will also constraint your current living space. This is where infinity storage can help you, we have affordable storage units to suit your needs, whether you need a temporary or long term fix, we always encourage you to let us help you store more and stress less.

Home Renovations

Benefits of storing your renovation materials:

  1. Your home will still have the space it needs, and there will be less dust to handle because smaller things collect dust faster.
  2. Your items will be kept safely without any tempering, and less chances for damage.
  3. The storage facility you choose will have 24/7 surveillance cameras, ensuring that your goods are kept safely.
  4. If you have any more items which are bulky and cannot be kept at home, you can simply come over to our facility and add the overflow items to your existing storage unit, provided there is space
  5. Why get tied into long-term leases. A flexible lease is equally important when renovating as project timelines can change regularly. When choosing your self-storage facility, ensure that you have a flexible lease that allows you to increase or decrease the amount of space you need for however long you need it.



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