Finding a storage facility for their prized possessions is not something that all people think about when relocating. Many valuable items are sold and given away, much to the regret of their owners who placed sentimental value on these special objects. If you are moving to a new home – mainly if your new space is too small to house all your belongings – it might be time to consider hiring a storage facility to care for your valuables. If you are weighing this option, below are some advantages to using hired storage space.

Reducing Exposure to the Elements

Precious paintings, valuable furniture, and material items, such as curtains can all tarnish and wear over time when exposed to changing weather, sunlight, and insects. Stuffing these items into a small room may lead to unintentional damage and deterioration that can never be reversed. Making use of a storage facility means that your belongings will be kept in a clean, sealed enclosure, which lengthens their lifespan.

Keeping Belongings Safe and Sound

Another risk run by storing items in a small space at home or at a friend’s house is that these objects could get stolen. With crime at an all-time high in South Africa, keeping your most treasured assets safe is a priority. Using a storage facility’s round-the-clock security measures is a great way to ensure that your property is kept safe from criminals.

You Can Free Up Some Space

Hiring storage space is a far more practical solution than trying to cram all your family’s belongings into your new home. Cluttered, messy living areas create a stressful environment that nobody enjoys living in. Storage facilities allow one to free up space within the home, which means you can use that extra bedroom to sleep in instead of storing old bookshelves and chairs.

How Infinity Storage Can Help You

At Infinity Storage, we offer affordable and flexible rental terms with a variety of storage unit sizes. All our units are safeguarded 24/7 with security guards, CCTV surveillance, perimeter monitoring, daily padlock checks, and alarm systems with armed response.  Our storage facility and units are only accessible by registered users who own a dedicated access tag. Upon signing up, each client must provide a photograph and proof of identity for security purposes. For individuals in the process of relocating, Infinity Storage is also a supplier of a wide range of moving supplies, which can be directly purchased from us in-store. If you are interested in renting a space with Infinity Storage, contact us via our website today. 

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