Get organised during moving

We often struggle to get started, especially when we have so many valuables to sort. Seeing that moving can create stress, anxiety, and excitement we often find ourselves procrastinating and trying to postpone our packing until the last minute. Here is a mini checklist to stay ahead of the chaos and to feel more organised:

Checklist for moving

What should I pack first when moving?

  1. Documents:

If you have not already filed and kept all your important documents away, you can prioritise this, either invest in a small filing cabinet which is movable and less bulky or find a spare file to carefully keep your necessary documents safe. You would not want to lose something like an RC1 document, DOB certificate or vaccination cards for the people and pets of your household.


  1. Kitchen:

Appliances such as blenders, waffle and sandwich makers can be packed aside. Another useful way to feel more organised is to pack all dry foods into canisters and label them, this will create less clutter and aid you in your unpacking when you finally settle in your new home.


  1. Glassware and Cutlery:

Whether it’s from your kitchen or your Bar area, there is always an accumulation of glassware and gadgets that you can pack away. You would also want to label this box as “fragile” and keep it aside for more careful handling.


  1. Shoes and out of season clothes:

When organising anything, use the “less is more” concept. The whole idea is to only leave with a suitcase of the few items you used for the days before your big move. Therefore, prepare yourself by boxing all the items which you are not using, or which is out-of-season.


  1. Books and Photo Albums:

Sorting out and returning your borrowed books first will be a good idea.

Photo albums, wall hung frames or even art pieces can also be moved and packed along with your book collection pile.

Boxes for Storing Valuables

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At infinity Storage we are here to make moving easier. Our storage facilities are available to store any extra furniture or items which you have no capacity to move right away. We also offer moving supplies such as a variety of boxes, bubble wrap, “this side up,” fragile stickers, and much more.

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