Self-storage facilities offer short and long-term options for keeping home, personal, and business goods secure.

Whether you are a business, homeowner or a student, self-storage is both affordable and helpful in various situations. For instance, you might be moving to a smaller home and you need somewhere to store your extra possessions. You could be looking for storage space for your business, or perhaps you need somewhere to store things while you declutter your home. Whatever the reasons are for renting a storage unit, there are some things you should know and some tips you can use before you decide to rent one.

  1. What should you look for in a self-storage unit?
  • Accessibility, Does the facility offer 24-hour access and weekend availability? Irrespective if you are a business, homeowner, or student, you would want this option in case of any emergency. At Infinity Storage we offer this option, it gives all our customers a sense of ease knowing that they do not need permission from the facility managers to access what is essentially their possessions.
  • Location, an easily accessible unit in a well-situated area is more practical and a lot safer. The last thing you would want is to access your storage at an odd hour and feel insecure about your surroundings or feel too isolated. At Infinity Storage we are situated in a well-developed area with enough activity for you to feel less isolated.
  • Security, If the security is nonexistent on the storage facility premises it will most definitely create panic and uncertainty in your mind. Therefore, research the facility and make sure that security is one of their main priorities. Infinity storage have several safety and security measures in place, 24/7 video recorded footage, electric perimeter fencing all around the property, access cards for clients who store valuables with us…
  • Pricing availability – Flexible agreements are great, whether you are storing your valuables for a short or long period, we welcome you to store your goods with us.
  • Reviews- Storing with trusted and recommended facilities are desirable, you can usually confirm a facilities reputation and service delivery by visiting their website or simply checking their business location reviews.
  1. Managed or self – storage the choice is yours: Self-storage units allow you to exercise your own methods of accessing your goods or bringing more goods to store at your own leisure and time, whereas managed storage facilities usually pick up your goods, store them and when you request them back, they will bring them to you. At Infinity’s Pretoria self-storage facility, we believe in giving our clients the right to access their goods at any time, we even provide them with their own access cards so that they have the freedom to move in and out whenever they need. We have understood the basic needs of businesses such as caterers, that need emergency décor, tents jumping castles or serve ware for events such as (funerals, weddings, birthdays, etc.), we stand by reputation therefore we do not want our business owner clients to struggle with access rights to their valuables.
  2. What do you need to rent a storage unit? It is necessary to have identification such as a Citizen ID, Passport, Drivers license or military ID and 3-month bank statements.
  3. How to get your belongings to a storage unit? Using your car trunk space will not be sufficient. Therefore, you could possibly rent a moving truck depending on the items you are transferring to the unit, otherwise a trailer would be your next best option. Infinity Storage offers a complementary medium sized trailer to assist you with your transporting of belongings.

At Infinity Storage we also offer flexible contracts to occupants, and can supply you with all your packaging needs to securely store your belongings and prevent damage or unnecessary losses. We further encourage you to make use of our online store. Planning your packing ahead of time will lessen the risks of losing items during the transit to the facility. Contact us or visit our website for further information