Over the years, items pile up within the home. There are always particular objects that we cannot give away or sell, but storing them at home takes up far too much space. If you have decided to hire one (or several) of our fantastic self-storage units in Pretoria, then you may find the transition a challenging task to tackle. With our years of storage experience, we have created a list to help you get the ball rolling and create space within your home in no time.

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Here are some tips for when hiring a self-storage unit:

Clean and sort your items

Upholstery, clothing, kitchen appliances, and garden essentials may still be covered in dirt from your last use. Before packing it all into boxes, make sure to clean each item. If grime or dust is left to accumulate, damage and decay of your belongings will occur quicker. Once you begin sorting your items into containers, try to keep similar objects together and label each box clearly. This will make unpacking later far more straightforward.

Take care of fragile belongings

Dinnerware items made from porcelain, crystal, and glass can all chip, crack, and shatter on impact. Wrap each individual piece in bubble wrap or paper, and mark the box as fragile to alert those helping you move the objects. During transport, keep such containers in a space within the vehicle where they will not move about or bump into anything, especially if you live far from our self-storage units in Pretoria.

Create an inventory

It may take some time, but an inventory of each container and its contents will make locating your valuables much easier in the future. As you pack each possession into a box, write it down or tick it off on a list, and then go through this list once more to ensure you have everything checked. Make copies of this list and keep one within the self-storage unit for quick reference.

Keep accessibility in mind

There are some items you know you will need to access sooner rather than later, and it is best to pack according to these needs. Items that you know you will use later can be placed underneath other items you might use a lot sooner in the unit in order to create space. While sorting your belongings into storage, create an open area or walkway down the centre of the unit to help with ease of access.

If you haven’t yet found secure and affordable self-storage units, then our Infinity Storage facility in Pretoria is just what you need. With ample security, units in several sizes, and essential moving supplies for sale, you won’t find better service in Pretoria.

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