Although schools have recently reopened for some learners, a lot of parents are still faced with home-schooling their kids. It is certainly an adjustment and setting up the correct home classroom is very important for your kids to learn and grow. In the blog post below, we discuss some tips on how to set up the perfect home classroom to ensure effective and efficient learning.

Set aside a dedicated space

We know that this is not always possible but setting up a dedicated learning space is very important. You can set up a small desk (if you have the space), create a space for them at your dining room table or simple set aside a corner of a room to be specifically used as a classroom. Try to get a room with great lighting and avoid rooms with distractions, such as your living room, if possible. Creating this dedicated space will make it easier for them to learn and absorb knowledge, it will also help them to distinguish between learning time and play time.

Clean and decorate the chosen space

Once you have decided on a space, it is the ideal time to get rid of any distractions or clutter in the space. Make sure that there are no toys and other distractions around and pack away any clutter in a marked box that can later be placed in storage. Make the space fun by decorating with a plaque containing their name, place all their stationery and other educational items within reach and just make sure that it is a fun space in which they can spend a number of hours without getting bored or frustrated.

Stick to a schedule

It is hard to juggle home-schooling, together with work and running a household, so setting up (and sticking to) a weekly schedule is key! Set up a weekly schedule and include activities that your kiddies would do in a normal school day. Schedule different subjects and extramural activities, such as a sport that they can maybe practice in the back yard (if you have access to one). Also remember to add to-do lists and mark them as done once they have been completed, giving you and the kids a sense of achievement. Remember to place the schedule where everyone can see it.

Incorporate break times

It is important to try and stick to the same routine as you would have on any other normal school day. Make sure that you incorporate at least two break times in your schedule and make sure they have some snacks in these allocated times, snacking all the time will make it harder for them to get back into the school routine when they return for good. Also make sure that they head outside (weather permitting) for some of their breaks to get some fresh air and for a change of scenery.

If you are struggling with space in your home to create the perfect home classroom for your kids or have decluttered and now need to store those boxes, we’ve got a variety of space for you. If you are interested in our storage units please visit our website for more information or send an email to

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