The same surroundings without any improvements can sometimes cause a certain sense of dullness in your imagination. Outdated home décor and not keeping up with the latest trends can create a feeling of boredom or sadness. It is a proven fact that adding natural plants and earthy colours to your living environments can lower your stress levels and help with your flow of thoughts. Nothing is holding you back in this new year, you can start with smaller projects like adding wallpaper, to major undertakings such as renovating a bathroom, the ball is in your court. Here are a few simple ideas for you to try.

Honeycomb wall shelves.

Adding this feature to a lounge or a study room can bring some sense of rejuvenation to a room, it also creates a more relaxed and easier environment. This shelving idea is a great replacement for an art piece, it is also more cost effective.



In our current world, we are being encouraged to stay at home, therefore you would want to create a certain kind of ambiance which is visually appealing. If you love the city life and you feel like you are missing it, why not add an amazing wallpaper that captures your favourite city in the world, it will be a reminder that your travel plans will soon materialize.


DIY TV wall mount ideas

Creating a modern flare to your home can be made easy with a few DIY YouTube videos. Adding a modern wall mount for your TV to rest on, looks great and creates a renovated upscale look to your home.

Introduce some mood lighting:

Adding natural soft lighting to your living rooms, helps your mind relax much more than you know of. If the overhead lighting in your home is feeling a little harsh, consider rearranging all the table lamps and floor lamps around your home. Shaded lamps often diffuse the softest light, creating a cosy vibe, so consider adding one to the living room and other spaces you are spending the most time in.

Organize your kitchen counters.

If your countertop is looking a little cluttered, it is time to Declutter. Store medicines in some old containers and label them, use canisters to store dry foods and attain a more organized look in your pantry, take hardly used appliances and pack them away into your draws, or simply purchase inexpensive trays or holders to place your utensils or plants in.

Do you want to make all these changes, yet you feel as though you cannot part with many of your items? Contact Infinity Storage today and we can arrange a cost-effective unit for you to lease while you figure out what you will do with all the overflow items.

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