Relocating? Have a Look at Our Range of Essential Moving Supplies Like Boxes

If you have ever moved into a new home, you might remember what a challenge it was to find enough containers for all your items. In terms of relocating, there are certain supplies without which one cannot do. Finding the right moving essentials (along with all the packing you need to do) is not only a waste of time, but it is not always a successful endeavour. Fortunately, we at Infinity Storage have you covered when it comes to all your needs regarding packing and relocating supplies.

With us as your convenient one-stop for all your essentials, you will not have to visit multiple stores to find what you are seeking. At Infinity Storage, we specialise in storage, so we understand how frustrating it can be to load a truck full of your most prized possessions and haul it off to another house. We would like to make your life a little easier, which is why our facility stocks high-quality packing necessities.

Moving Boxes

While getting old storage containers from friends and family might seem easier, there are a few advantages to buying your own:

•    New boxes are not damaged or worn, and thus will not tear or come apart as easily.

•    You can buy as many as you need, tailored to fit the items that need packing.

•    Placing items in categories is easier when you can categorise the boxes according to size.

•    High-quality moving boxes can be reused for many years to come.

At Infinity Storage, our boxes come in a variety of sizes from small to large. For important paperwork or documents, we have archive ones with lids available, and for wardrobe containers, you have the option to purchase an extra wardrobe hanger rod on which to hang your clothing.

Packing Accessories

Moving boxes are a priority, but people tend to forget about other packing accessories that not only make the process of relocating easier, but also aid in organisation. Our facility also stocks:

•    Bubble wrap in a range of sizes

•    Packing stickers

•    Black refuse bags

•    Permanent markers

•    Blankets and mattress bags

•    Rope

•    Newsprint paper

•    Stretch film dispensers and refills

•    Tape dispensers and tape

•    Boxcutters and scissors

•    Torches

•    Security items, such as padlocks

Ensuring that your possessions travel safely with zero damage is not always an easy feat, but with our selection of practical, labour-saving supplies, you will not have to worry about valued personal items. For more information on our products and storage units for hire, contact us online or simply give us a call.

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