So, it is winter, and your patio furniture has not been moved or packed away… Well, something important to consider is how weather can deteriorate the state of your patio furniture. Winter weather causes excessive moisture from dew and mist. Once these water droplets settle on your furniture, the wood and metal start to absorb this causing it to rot and rust.

Here are a few tips on prevention:

Coat your furniture.

Use oils or varnish to coat your furniture wood. Apply moisture repellent to end grain on the feet and legs of the furniture.

Clean and dry:

Before you cover or store your furniture, you would want to clean and launder where needed. You would also want to pack your cushions into plastic bags and then place them in boxes. Prepping all items in packing supplies will help you in getting ready for the next season. Who doesn’t want to recollect their furniture in great condition and have it immediately readied for the next season when you invite your guests home for a barbeque?

Storage or covers?

Ideally, when winter begins you should cover your outside furniture. Using fitted covers or tarp to protect your set can assist you to a certain degree but this does not give you a 100% guarantee to last. Therefore, a guaranteed solution would be to store your furniture. At home we hardly have the space to store bulky items like these because it just ends up creating clutter. A self-storage unit will also guarantee a dry environment for your furniture to maintain its condition over the next 12 weeks of storage. At Infinity Storage we have environmentally controlled units which assist all our clients in storing their belongings in the ideal temperatures.

Stack it right:

Saving space in your storage unit is the way you would want to go. Line up bigger items along the walls. bulkier items should always be moved into your storage unit first. At infinity Storage our 3-meter high units are something you would want to take advantage of, this can be used to vertically stack items.

At Infinity Storage we have multiple units to fulfill your needs at any time. You need the space we have got it! Visit our website and fill in the contact form and we will call you to provide further advise on our affordable flexible leases





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