A wedding dress is a beautiful and sentimental piece that you would want to keep safe and treasured for the rest of your life. We often keep our wedding dresses to pass it on to our kids or grandkids in the future. However, keeping such a bulky item in your closet or home storeroom can take up a lot of space. In this short blog we give you a few tips on preserving your wedding dress and storing it for long – term purposes.

Send the dress to the dry cleaners: When you are planning to store your dress, you need a fresh dry-cleaning service to be done on your garment. This will keep the dress ready for the purpose of storing it.

Sealing or vacuuming:   Some companies choose to vacuum seal the wedding dress before storing it in an acid-free box. However, this method is discouraged, since sealing promotes mold and mildew, gives the fabric permanent creases, and eliminates your ability to regularly inspect your gown.

Boxing: With this method, your dress is still folded and placed in an acid-free box, along with acid-free tissue to protect the garment from permanent creasing (tissue should always be white in color to avoid bleeding into the dress). Boxes promote garments to breathe, and this type of packing material allows you to open and periodically inspect the health of the garment. Note: using a box that is made from acid-free board is an excellent choice, however, to find this kind of box material is difficult. Therefore, we advise that you use alternate wrapping before placing the dress in a box.

Garment bag: so, you might not want to store your wedding dress… Well keeping your wedding dress in the correct garment bag can save you all that hassle. All you need to do it contact your wedding dress boutique and ask for further advise about garment bags for self-storage purposes. Otherwise, you could simply source this item off an online store. A garment bag will allow you to lay your garment flat or hang the item upright to avoid mishaps and creases.

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