If you are drowning in clutter and need to free up some space, then you have likely already looked into self-storage solutions in Pretoria. At Infinity Storage, we provide safe, secure self-storage units at a top-class facility in Pretoria. Not only are all your possessions well taken care of, but you can have the peace of mind that everything will remain precisely as you left it. If you would like to hire some space for your belongings, but feel a little unsure as to how you will organise your clutter, below are some tips.

Self-Storage Units Pretoria

Prepare Wisely

While packing items into boxes, it is best if you keep items of a similar nature together. This allows you to label boxes according to their contents, such as books and magazines or kitchen cutlery. It may also be wise to take stock of your valuables and list them on an inventory form, so that you know exactly what each box contains.

Avoid Wasting Space

Piling everything into your self-storage unit haphazardly will fill the room up quickly, and you may not have enough space for it all. The best way to pack is by starting with large items like furniture and heavy boxes at the bottom, and stacking small objects up as high as possible. Using the height of the room will give you a greater floor area in which to move and store items.

Ventilation and Walkways

Never push boxes right up against a wall, as this can lead to moisture build-up and damage your property. Leave a few centimetres of space between each box, and try to create a walkway down the middle of the unit. This walkway will come in handy if you plan on accessing one of your items in the near future.

Do Not Cram Your Belongings

Instead of forcing items into a small space in which they may face damage, it is far better to simply hire a larger unit. At our facility in Pretoria, our self-storage spaces come in unit sizes of 3 m x 3 m and 6 m x 3 m, as well as carports and lockers for documents. A more spacious garage also ensures that the next time you wish to access your items, it will be far easier to do so.

For a self-storage facility in Pretoria with extensive services and products available, such as quality moving supplies, contact us online today. To keep up with our company’s news and updates, feel free to like and follow us on Facebook.

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