While the winter chill is starting to set in, we only have a few months before camping season is back again. During this short period, surely you would want to pack your camping gear away safely to avoid damage. The attic or garage is not always the best place to store camping equipment, due to the bulkiness that camping and hiking gear carry. The aim is to store safely without combatting your available space yet easily allowing accessibility. Alternatively consider a self-storage unit to keep your camping items safe when not use.

5 tips for storing your camping gear at home or in a self-storage unit:

Make sure everything is clean and dry before packing – wet dirty things are a bed for mildew to thrive rapidly. Therefore, drying is an important part before packing gear away.

Vacuum out the tent – the tent is the central or main hub of all camping activity. Its also uncommon for crumbs and dirt to get inside, therefore the best way to make sure the tent is completely cleaned is to set it up in an area that allows you enough room, such as your yard. After setting up you can assure your tent is vacuumed out thoroughly.

Remove any hazardous materials – gas canisters from portable camping stoves or batteries from torches could all cause serious damage to other pieces of camping kit. Removing these hazards and placing them in a cool dry, sealable container is advisable.

Label storage containers or boxes – camping enthusiasts have sufficient equipment and tools, and they certainly would know that organising and labeling gear goes a long way and saves a lot of time in future. Nesting techniques such as using one large container to fit other smaller boxes allows easy moving allowing all gear to be easily moved in one effort.

Organise your space – before you cram everything under your bed or the stairs in a mad tidying spree, think about the space you have and plan how to store your camping gear away in a more organised manner. If your living surroundings are too cluttered, the best advise is to rent a self-storage unit where you will have ample space for all your out off-season pieces.

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