Our belongings are our prized possessions, and the last thing we would want is for important items to get damaged, lost or broken. Hence the way we package and store all belongings is of utmost importance. Boxes and packaging have been developed with the intention of helping people store their belongings… safely and securely. And while it is certainly tempting to just throw everything in the biggest box possible and call it a day, it is worth taking the time to make wise selections and choose the right boxes for the job.

Various box sizes:

Every box has its own dimensions to serve a specific purpose. On the Infinity Storage online store, we have provided descriptions to ease the decision-making purposes, and to further assist you with classifying which items fit your storage boxes to ensure safe self-storage.

Bubble wrap:

When storing delicate items such as electronics, glassware, and artwork, you would need to create a cushioned protection, bubble wrap is the best way in ensuring that your items will be stored, damage free.

Moving blankets:

When loading furniture, glass as well as table tops, the advisable material to use would be moving blankets. These blankets will prevent scratches, chips, and other damages.

Mattress bags:

These are ideal for protection of your mattress against dirt, mold, water, and other unwanted damages. It is a great solution for longer term storage, you could further protect your mattresses by sealing them with bubble wrap to sustain the quality and to store these kinds of items for a longer duration of time.

At Infinity Storage we have identified the storage and packaging needs our customers. Therefore, we have covered all necessary packaging, we have everything from boxes, locks, tape, scissors, refuse bags, torches, and rope. We have extended our services by conveniently allowing customers to purchase from our newly launched online store. If you need the supplies and cannot decide which materials will best fit your packaging needs, we have tried to bridge the gap by attaching descriptions to each item on our online store. Do not delay, visit the online store and fill your cart up with the necessary packaging you need https://bit.ly/2Jflda4

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