Imagine your home or business being cluttered with accumulated items all over the place? This creates a bad impression of your housekeeping skills. Therefore, to avoid creating this image for your family or peers; the best option would be to clean out the clutter and look at a self-storage option near you.

Infinity Storage is in the North of Pretoria, it is in a central location which is easily accessible. We are always happy to help you have the healthy lifestyle you want by storing all your overflow items allowing your homes and offices plenty of breathing space to create a healthy environment. Here are a few reasons you should choose Infinity Storage.

1. Safety and security

Our storage facility is totally safe and secure, and you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us. All our units are safeguarded 24/7 with security guards, CCTV surveillance, perimeter monitoring, daily padlock checks, and alarm systems with armed response. The facility is also under strict access control and only registered users are allowed access to our facility and units through computer-controlled access via a dedicated access tag.

2. Ample unit sizes

We understand that everyone is different and that space requirements vary. Hence, we have tailor fitted your needs creating the perfect sized units for every purpose and every need. We have the following self-storage unit sizes available:

• Small units 3m x 1.15m

• Medium unit 3m x 2m

• Half garage 3m x 3m

• Large unit 3m x 3.6m

• Single garage 6m x 3m

• Extra large unit 9m x 3m

• Carports 6m x 3m

3. Flexible lease period

At Infinity Storage, we are flexible and accommodate our clients’ needs, so the decision is left up to you. Your rental contract can be month-to-month, or it can be a long-term lease, which could allow you special discounts.

4. Easy access to packing materials

With our on-site and online stores, we have catered for our clients at great affordable rates providing all the necessities for packing and storing your valuables. We stock and sell a variety of different boxes, moving supplies and accessories from bubble wrap to scissors, brown tape, torches, mattress bags and markers. We also stock several different locks to add that extra layer of security to your unit.

5. Free trailer rental*

Once your lease agreement or contract is signed, Infinity Storage offers a small trailer to assist you with less bulkier items which you need to transport. Our complimentary trailer is offered on your first move only. *Please note that terms and conditions apply when it comes to the trailer rental.

If you are interested in renting a storage space with Infinity Storage, please fill in our contact form or alternatively you can send an email to . If you need any packing supplies, Infinity Storage has a wide range of packing supplies that will fulfill your every need. You can shop your packing supplies on our online store at your convenience and in the comfort of your own homes during this lockdown level 4.


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