If you are planning on storing for a long period of time you want to do it the right way… Long-term storage can be a costly exercise but with Infinity Storage rates you will not feel the financial strain, all while your belongings are kept safe.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your items for storage:

1. Estimating the storage facility size

Making a mental list of your items will not cut this activity short, it will in fact complicate your process of storing. Creating a physical list of all your items will not only assist you in keeping record of the valuables you have, but it will also further aid you in terms of assessing the size of the storage unit which you will need. There are several helpful estimator tools which you could easily access online to help you estimate the size of a storage unit which will accommodate all your valuables without over crowding and cramping.

2. Choose your storage space.

Once your belongings have been gathered and set aside for storage, the next step is to choose a location and consider other important variants such as:

  • Affordability seeing that you are looking for long-term storage, the leasing options and pricing are number one on your list when searching for the facility that you will be signing up with. At Infinity storage we offer long term leasing options giving you affordable rates and something solid to lean on.
  • Safety is another key factor. Wherever you may be, the peace of mind knowing your prized belongings are being kept safe are of utmost importance.
  • Climate controlled environments. Basic self-storage is sufficient for a lot of different household, business, or yard items. However, climate-controlled storage is necessary and highly recommended for sensitive items like antiques, musical instruments, electronics, or fine art.

3. Tips on storing your valuables:

  • Use strong cardboard boxes, newspapers to wrap items, moving blankets, bubble wrap, mattress bags and tape are all necessary to protect your prized possessions. Infinity Storage has an online store where you can shop all your packing supplies in the comfort of your own home https://www.infinitystorage.co.za/storage-boxes/
  • Using stackable boxes will help you more easily to arrange them. Using smaller boxes for heavier items is beneficial as it can hold the weight in and makes it easier to transfer. Larger boxes can be used for things such as curtains and bedding. Place the heavier items such as a fridge and dishwasher first into the storage unit, and unbreakable items such as clothes on top.

Infinity Storage understands all your concerns and encourages you to look at our FAQs to get more of your questions answered. We have several storage units for you to choose from, its up to you to deicide and make the right move by storing your valuables with us. Click the link and view our different sized units https://www.infinitystorage.co.za/storage-unit-sizes/

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