Need a safe place to save space? We have just what you need at Infinity Storage. Imagine a garage that is not jam-packed with boxes and pieces of furniture from yesteryear. Imagine a business storeroom that is not over-filled with stock items that are not immediately required. Imagine being able to de-clutter your home while you decide what to do with grandma’s antique furniture pieces that were left to you.

Having a safe place to save space is a dream come true, not just for the average man on the street, but for the business man too. Self-storage is certainly not a new phenomenon. Self-storage facilities have been readily available for years, but what has changed is the price tag attached, the security on offer, and the type of service that these facilities offer.

The trick to self-storage bliss is to select your supplier carefully. Do this, and you will not have to worry about a thing, once your storage unit is reserved and you have moved in. Our best advice is that you do not entrust your valuables to a seemingly fly-by-night company, and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth each month.

At Infinity Storage, we are confident that we offer one of the best deals on the self-storage market. It will be hard to find another storage facility that is as well-located, secure, and affordable as ours. What is more, is that there are various perks and benefits over and above our location, security, and low prices. Here they are:

• The units are available in various sizes. The choice is yours.

• We will provide you with a complementary trailer to use on your first move in. Simply pick it up and drop it off at our facility. Say goodbye to the extra cost of hiring a trailer for moving day.

• We have all the moving supplies you could possibly need at a low, reasonable price. Think packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and more. Why head down to the store when you can get everything you need under one roof? It is all about convenience and saving costs.

• While we have already mentioned our low prices, your first month may prove to be the lowest rent you will ever pay in your life. If you plan to rent with us for six months or more, we will give you your first month’s rental at just R1.

You are probably impressed with our promises thus far. Now, we warmly welcome you to experience first-hand just the type of service and value for money that we can offer you. You can reserve a unit via telephone or email, or you can pay us a visit to view the various unit sizes. Contact us today, or pop in at our Pretoria North facility.

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