There are many outdoor equipment and summer items that are not needed during the winter months which require proper storage. Patio furniture storage should also be among those items. The month of May, before it gets too cold, is a great time to prepare these items and place them in storage for the winter months. If you already have your winter heaters, blankets, and carpets along with other items in storage, you can simply swap the seasonal items around.

The following should provide you with more tips on how you can store your lawn mowers:

Lawn mower check: Before bringing items for storage, the advisable thing to do would be, to check if all your equipment and items are in working order, otherwise the next best thing to do is to discard items according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Ensure that equipment is clean: Before placing your lawnmower in storage, you would want to remove the excess grass and dirt build up, this will prevent key components like wheels and grass catchers from getting clogged up and stiff.

Ensure that the lawn mower is serviced: doing an oil change and changing air filters are advisable. However most importantly emptying fuel before storage is of utmost importance. Combustible contents are a high-risk hazards, which we strongly do not advise, this could cause your own stored items to catch alight and to burn out.

Fold it down completely: Collapsing the lawn mower handle will make it simpler for storage purposes. Most mowers come with adjustable handles which can be folded backwards or forwards. This helps the equipment take up less room in storage and makes it easier to prop up against a wall.

Keep lawn mower covered in storage: To protect the exterior and interior components, consider investing in a lawn mower cover. If you do not have a cover readily accessible, you can use a sailcloth or waterproof canvas material.

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