Many homeowners and companies have difficulty with their available space – or lack thereof. Storage space issues usually develop over a long time, but sometimes, they pop up overnight, and finding a solution becomes a high priority. If you are stuck in a pickle and urgently need a place in Pretoria to store your valuables, then our self-storage units are an ideal option for you.

Self-Storage Units Pretoria

The sudden death of a family member, relocating to a smaller house or office, or even the need to store your company’s products are all significant reasons why people run into space problems at work or home. The good news is that there is no need to panic – we are here to offer the solution. At Infinity Storage, we rent out self-storage units at our Pretoria facility, and while you may not have considered making use of such a service before, there are a few reasons why you should.

1.    You Choose the Units You Need

Not everyone is going to need the same amount of space to store their items. With us, you can select your self-storage units based on what you would like to store. Our units are available in various sizes, including storage lockers for documents and carports for large vehicles, such as boats, caravans, and trucks.

2.    Our Facility is Secure

Pretoria is not safe enough to simply leave your precious possessions out in the garage where anyone can break in and steal them. Our self-storage facility includes several safety features, such as strict access control, on-site security guards, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, alarm systems, and electrified perimeter fencing.

3.    Our Leases Are Flexible

When renting from us, you are not bound to a contract out of which you cannot sign. Our leases are flexible, so you can choose to rent from month to month or long-term. Look out for the special discounts that we regularly offer.

4.    It Is an Affordable Option

Depending upon the type of self-storage units and where in the facility they are situated, the cost of renting will differ from person to person. Our terms, however, are incredibly affordable for the security and peace of mind you will receive when trusting us to take care of your valuables.

5.    We Also Offer Moving Supplies

Our facility also stocks and sells moving supplies that make transporting and storing your goods so much easier. From quality moving boxes to security items and packing necessities, you will not need to find these supplies elsewhere.

If you would like to rent storage space in Pretoria that is secure and cost-friendly, fill out an online enquiry form today and we will be in touch.

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