Buy Affordable Moving Boxes and Supplies in Gauteng

Before you can start preparing for an upcoming move, you are going to have to get moving boxes and supplies. Without the right supplies, moving can become difficult, time consuming, and expensive (due to breakages and damage). At Infinity Storage, we have a full range of boxes and supplies to make your move easier, but there are a few things that you can do to ease the burden of the move and even save a bit of time and money along the way. Check out our top moving hacks below:

Combine Alternative Packing Items with Your Boxes:

Moving boxes are an essential item required when moving, and while we do not advise that you ever skimp on the quality of moving boxes, we do advise that you order the right number and sizes. You can also opt to transport items, such as linen, rugs, and matts inside alternative items like laundry baskets.

Save Time with Labelling:

Of course, you can get packing tape and permanent markers from us, but you can optimise the moving experience by organising things. Make sure to double tape any boxes that will be carrying heavy items. Label each and every box, so that you can quickly locate things you need while they are in storage or at the new premises.

Pack and Label All Furniture:

If you are disassembling furniture items for easier storage, chances are (or should we say Murphey’s Law will have it) that you will lose screws, washers, and other fasteners along the way. You can eliminate this risk by keeping all the components in labelled plastic bags and stored inside one moving box labelled “furniture hardware”.

Time-Saving Moving Hacks

Sometimes, a quick and easy move is not just about the moving boxes and supplies. It can be about clever ideas too. When putting your furniture and items in storage, and moving them to a new property at a later stage, you may find the unpacking and setting up processes challenging and time consuming. These hacks can help you save time and frustration:

  • Take a photo of the back of your television before unplugging all the cables and packaging it. This will ensure that you can quickly set the television and entertainment system up with the confidence that it will work.
  • Use rubber bands or tape to keep pots and lids together.
  • Create handles in your cardboard boxes with a box cutter to make carrying easier.

Get Your Moving Boxes and Supplies at Infinity Storage

Whether you are making use of our storage facilities or not, we have a range of moving boxes and supplies readily available at Infinity Storage. To place an order or discuss your needs, simply contact us via email or telephone at Infinity Storage today.